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Costings Experts & Free Consultations

Costs and budgeting are the most important parts of any construction project - and for many people, they’re also the most stressful. CM Squared is happy to offer a range of comprehensive costing services, tailor-made to the stage and requirements of your project. 

We back up all our costings with accurate, evidence-based reporting. CM Squared is proud to deliver costings that you can trust.

With free consultations and fixed-price fees, why not get in touch with us today?


Comprehensive Costing Services

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Comprehensive Costing Services

Project feasibility

Your ideas are important to us - and an idea is all we need to get started on project feasibility. Let us turn your ideas into a plan, so that we can make that plan into a reality.


We will provide a feasibility study to see how your idea will work in the real world, investigate areas of risk, and provide accurate, reliable advice on material selection and construction methodology. 


With the carefully thought-out programme we provide, you can feel confident and relaxed as you proceed to concept drawings.

Elemental estimates

Creating an elemental estimate requires a concept plan, or a simple floor plan with some written notes.


We will provide a comprehensive elemental estimate, with guaranteed full transparency in where the construction costs sit. At this step, we are able to highlight areas that can be investigated for cost-saving options - saving you from extra expenses in the future.


This step gives our clients the confidence to move forward with detailed drawings, knowing that the process is as cost-effective as possible.

Detailed estimates

Once we have a detailed set of architectural plans, we can move forward to detailed estimates.


At this step, we will provide you with an all-inclusive detailed measure that can be used in a tender process to determine a contract price with your chosen builder.

Schedule of quantities

A schedule of quantities is a comprehensive schedule that quantifies all of the items and costs that are required for your project. To create this, we need a detailed set of architectural plans and full specifications. 


With a schedule of quantities, we can create a tender that can be priced by several builders.

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