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Accurate and Fit for Purpose

We’d all prefer for construction contracts to be placed in the top drawer and forgotten about. However, real life doesn’t always go to plan! When disputes occur, we need to act by that contract! Here at CM Squared well ensure that its fit for purpose.

Talk to us about the correct contract and conditions for your project. We’ll make sure that your contract is fit for purpose, contains accurate information, and ensures that disputes can be resolved fairly, reasonably, and promptly.

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Contract Management
& Advice

Contract Management & Advice


Our first step is to select and prepare a high-quality, appropriate construction contract for your project.

Contract administration works on behalf of owners, architects, and contractors, as the principal to the contract. 


Let us provide expert advice and guidance on administration of contracts to ensure project success. Whether you’re an owner, an architect or a contractor - we’d love to work with you.

We can cast experienced eyes over claims and variations so that you can feel confident that they are fair and reasonable. We will also provide you with detailed advice on workmanship standards, and any contractual issues that we spot. 

For enquiries

No question is too big or too small - reach out to us today.

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